Future Foods, 2020
Film – 21 min


Future Foods​ revolves around the making of plastic food at the workshops of Replica LTD,​ one of the few UK based companies that still manufactures props for films, advertisements and displays. The perception of food, its appealingness and palatability through a constructed image, come into play when observing these hand-crafted manufacturing processes through a camera. A phone conversation with the CEO of a Finnish future foods' start-up ​ introduces us to a cutting edge technology consisting of the production of a new protein generated from water, electricity and CO​2 ​captured from the air. Solein is a new technology that speculates with a near future without agriculture and land use effects.




Technical Details:

Title: Future Foods
Duration: 21 min
Year: 2021
Format: DCP and AppleProRes 444
Language: English
Subtitles available: English , Spanish, and French


Visions du Réel (Official Selection)

By Cristina Daura


Direction, camera and editing:
Gerard Ortín Castellví

Sound recording and mixing:
Oriol Campi Solé

Gerard Ortín Castellví
Oriol Campi Solé

With the support of:
The Elephant Trust
Shortcat – Catalan Films & TV
Goldsmiths Time Based Media Lab

Film Festivals Distribution:
Catalan Films & TV